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Monday, March 18, 2013
The first time i saw her...
8:25 AM

When i was around 16, i got to know this girl from a very unique way and soon had a crush on her. After been chatting on sms and phone call for her, we decided to meet for the very first time. Our meeting place was in Toa Payoh interchange and it was the day that i had to go back school to collect my N level result. I was so anxious about our meeting session and made a request from my vice principal in the school to allow me to view my result in advance.

At the moment, my whole mind wasn't on how well i did for my N level or whether i will go to ITE but instead keep looking forward for the meeting session between me and her. I wasn't sure that my vice principal would willing to release the result to me earlier but i decided to take a gamble and made a request to me. I was surprised that he called me into his office and did actually showed my result to me. I made it to Sec 5! That was like a double happiness to me. I ran off soon after signing a form declaring that i would attend sec 5 in my secondary school. 

On my way back, my mind was thinking how would i dress for our first meet up, how would she look like and what kind of person is she. The only contact we have before the first meet up was just sms and chat on phone for some nights. 

I reached Toa Payoh interchange an hour early as i did not want her to wait for me. I received an sms from her asking me is it ok that her friend actually follow her to meet me and i said i am fine with anything. To me the most important was me meeting her..

She reached Toa Payoh interchange on time with her friend. What attracted me to her was her cute chubby face. She was average in size wearing a skirt and carry a converse sling bag. We saw each other and had a gift exchange session. We didnt really talk much as both of us were actually quite shy. I wanted to invite her and her friend for some lunch but she said that she had another appointment in town. I feel disappointed about it but is my fault for not informing her before hand. After which, I headed to the train station together with her as i was heading back home. But instead of taking direct train home, i took a loop by accompanying her. I didnt tell her that i took a loop back because i wanted to stay accompany to her and hope to spent more time with her. At the point of time i know i had already fell in love with her...